Another Small Business Grows – this is why we do it

We build signs for many reasons – but none so much as our desire to help the small business owners across America grow and thrive.  When we receive letters and photos from our customers it reaffirms our passion for building signs in order to draw attention to our customers.

Here is a letter we received recently from our customer “Gyro Stop”.  Thank you for your business, Katrina.  We wish you many, many years of growth and success.  

Here is what the letter said:

Jim, sorry it’s taken me so long to get back with you on this I’ve been having computer issue.

Here are a couple pictures and some thoughts on the sign.

We love the new Signtronix sign. People come in all the time telling me how it really lights the place up and the only reason they noticed us was because of the sign.

Also love the interchangeable pictures it really gives us a chance to show all the different kinds of food we have. We had been looking for a new sign for a while and the Signtronix sign was the best we found and so reasonably priced. It really has helped the business.

Let me know if you need anything else or if you want new or more pictures.

Thanks Katrina


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