Signtronix Customer in Alabama Sees Phenomenal Results

I love to hear from our customers to learn about how our signs truly impact those small business owners across America that are working hard and making it happen every day.  I truly believe our signs are awesome marketing tools that help our customers grow their revenues and profits.

Here is a great letter from a customer in Alabama who loves her sign…

“As you can see, I had some improvements to make this summer.  I had just recently—May—taken over the business and was in the process of certain renovations when two gentlemen came into the studio and showed me their product. Little did I know the interest and professionalism it would bring to my new business venture.  The previous owner had done little work on one of the main sides of our building.  We are in a great location for marketing as our building is on the corner of a very busy red light in our growing town and area.  What you see above is the previous business that had been there about 10 years ago.  That was why I really wanted to purchase the sign…get our name out there at this location as everyone in town refers to it as the “old Limestone Spa” location.  The outdated colors needed to be replaced anyway—now they have alerted people to our rejuvenation of the building and they complement our marvelous new sign.  We are happy to say that this new addition has brought us a 51% increase in registrations after it was installed, and a quarter of those new registrations were based on our sign.

Signtronix has truly made our business stand out and shown the changes I’ve wanted to make evident since my ownership.

Thank you Signtronix!”

Kerrie Parker

Owner, Calera Dance Academy

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