Palouse Country Candy

Signtronix has been helping businesses of all shapes and sizes be more profitable for almost 60 years. We have delivered over 600,000 individual custom business signs since the company was founded. We get happy customers bragging about their results all the time. Today we just received another testimonial letter talking about the benefits of creating more visibility through the use of effective business signage.

Signtronix – It is a very difficult to start a new business from scratch.When you first open your doors, you try various forms of advertising to get customers in the door. I had one nice sign above an awning which could be seen from some distance away, but I knew that wasn’t attracting pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks. I had spoken to a gentleman that did my first sign about painting a sign on the window in front of my establishment, but he was backlogged for three months, so I just planed to wait until he was free. I had been in business about one and a half years and was seeing about a 10% increase in sales month over month, but I knew I could do better.

While I was waiting, Richard Houston from Signtronix walked in my business one day with some samples of signs. I had never considered a lighted hanging sign in my window, but was impressed with this sample. I ordered a sign and worked with the Signtronix graphic arts group to portray my business the right way.

I was extremely pleased with the sign when it arrived. I had comments almost immediately from people that noticed it from the streets. it has been several months, and I am averaging a 15 to 20% increase in sales monthly. You are welcome to use me as a reference anytime. I think you have a great product, and I am so happy to have had fate bring Richard to my door at the right time.

Pamela Dabolt, Owner
Palouse Country Candy
Pullman, Washington
February 2017

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