Signtronix Review – BMG Flooring

Happy Monday!  We hope you had a fun but safe weekend after celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

We recently received a Signtronix review from our customer BMG Flooring out of Mauldin, South Carolina.  We can’t thank our customers enough for the kind words and spreading the word of mouth about how much our signs can positively impact their business.   Here is the letter we received from Jim Bostic of BMG Flooring:

To whom it may concern:

We at BMG Flooring have used the Signtronix LED Window Message Center for approximately 3 months now. It has proven to be very useful in getting any of our Sales and Specials communicated out to the general public. By its very nature, our business is a slow developing sales relationship with our customers. They do not typically walk-in off the street and immediately make a purchase. However, I have had several new and past customers come into my showroom and comment on the sign and the message that was being shown. We have had finalized sales come through that can be attributed to the usage of the Signtronix device.

In my opinion, the sign has proven to be effective for my business and means of communication with my customers, both new and repeat.


Jim Bostic

BMG Flooring

Thank you for the testimonial, Jim.   We wish you many years of success with BMG Flooring.


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