Providing Custom Business Signs for Houston Businesses

Every day, there are people that pass by your Houston business that could greatly benefit from your products and services. Thanks to the internet and things like Facebook advertising, Twitter, Instagram, and other online platforms, you can reach a much broader customer base than in the past. However, those online ads aren’t going to do you any good if you’re trying to get people to walk through your door, especially if they’re just passing by your location for the first time. These people could be reached more effectively through a quality, custom-made sign. Business signs are helpful to encourage people to enter your establishment, whether you’re running a restaurant, a veterinarian office, or a pawn shop.

There might be an initial hesitation on your part to thinking that a sign of all things is going to help make a difference. After all, it is one of the oldest and most traditional means of advertising. However, there’s a reason why they’re so prevalent, and why so many companies, both large and small, invest a good amount in getting a high quality sign. You don’t want to deter any potential customers or clients with rundown signage, or a complete lack of signage. Depending on what type of business you have, there might be a unique solution in terms of what type of sign you actually end up getting.

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Custom Business Signs

If you’re not sure where to start with investing in a new sign, that’s ok! Here at Signtronix, we’ve spent well over 50 years helping small and large business owners around the country find a sign solution for whatever they’re trying to accomplish in the short term, long term, or both. Every company is looking to do something different, which is why we put such an emphasis on getting our clients exactly what they’re looking for, and not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.

The initial step when we start to work with a new client is getting a clear understanding of how a sign is going to help you. We can manufacture any number of signs, from more traditional plastic signs to more digitally enhanced options like LED signs. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that any sign is manufactured with the highest quality materials. This will help your pawn shop or restaurant stand out from the crowd (literally). Any designs you want to incorporate can addressed by our artists, and we’ll make sure that your brand is truly well-represented.

Indoor Signs

Electronic and LED Signs

So what is it in particular about signs that make them so valuable? Well, it’s important that you get noticed. Studies have shown that a lack of signage (or even low-quality signage) can actually turn people away from a given store or restaurant. Those who work with Signtronix and install new signage have found that there is a near 200% increase in new business in the months following installation. That means by avoiding investing in a new sign, regardless of your business type, you are deterring customers and you’re missing out on a lot of new business. If your goal is to help your growing pet shop or other business thrive and sustain growth (especially in the early years of opening), then a quality sign is going to go a long way.