Elements of Great Business Signs

Elements of Great Business Signs

What Makes Business Signs Look Great and Work Well?

Business signs are one of the most important aspects of any brick and mortar business. They represent your business and attract potential customers to choose your products or services. Not all signage is created equally. Learn what makes an effective business sign that will attract the right customers and give you the best return on your investment.

Eye-Catching Graphics

The first thing that will grab the attention of potential customers is your visuals. The human eye is naturally drawn to images, so a vibrant and aesthetically-pleasing graphic will get your business noticed. In addition, the brain processes images quicker. It’s easier for someone to recognize an ice-cream cone and know that a store sells ice cream rather than reading text that says “Ice Cream Store.” Studies also show that people remember a image better than they do text. Your design will largely contribute to whether or not a potential customer is able to recall your business when they need your products or services.

The Right Text

Although graphics will be the most important aspect of your business sign, you need the right textual components to support the design. You’ll definitely want to include your business name on your sign so customers can easily identify your business. Depending on your business, you may also have a tagline or slogan that further explains to customers why they should care about your business.

Another textual element that can be included on your business signs is a phrase or word that describes your offerings. For example, a retail store may have text like, “Clothes. Shoes. Bags,” or “Handmade Home Goods” to tell the passersby what their business is all about. Owners may also want to include directional elements, such as “Entrance around back,” if their is a unique situation that would make it difficult for customers to find. Another possibility is to include your phone number or website. This would be useful for businesses that customers likely won’t make an unplanned stop, such as a veterinary or doctor’s office. They can remember the contact information and sign up for services.

Using Electronic Message Centers

The most effective business signs make use of electronic message centers. Many business owners choose to invest only in a LED sign and take advantage of the full-color option that allows them to display photos and video. Other business owners like to pair their plastic lighted signs with an LED sign, to make a big visual impact. Digital signage is the best way to capture the attention of people passing by. The vibrant colors, motion, and bright lighting make it stand out on the street. The ability to update the message as often as you’d like also allows you to advertise different specials, promotions, products, or services each day. Doing so gives you the flexibility to run as many advertisements as you’d like and target your audience in new ways.

Long-Lasting Materials

When you invest in business signs, you want them to last for many years. A worn or damaged sign can be just as detrimental to your business as no signage at all. You want your signs to look stunning year after year so it continues to bring you new business. As you shop for business signs, make sure the materials are durable and long-lasting so they can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.


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