The Process of Making Custom Signs Requires Some Design

The Process of Making Custom Signs for Veterinarians

Like Any Business, Custom Signs for Veterinarians Help

Veterinary hospitals are just like any other business and could benefit from a custom sign. Signs advertise your business without interruption and if you have a lighted sign, your sign even advertises through the night. To help you understand the benefits of custom signs for veterinarians, here’s a brief guide to how they are made.

Notice It’s Time For An Upgrade

If you don’t have a sign, your sign is falling apart, or your sign no longer accurately represents your brand, it’s time for you to get a new sign. You have many options when it comes to advertising your business, but a custom designed sign is the most cost effective way to do it. There may be a large upfront cost, but, with increased business, the sign will pay for itself.

Choose The Right Sign Company

Discount sign manufacturers may provide you with great savings, but they won’t provide you with a great finished product. The only way to ensure you receive a sign that will last is using a company with a great reputation. Reputable sign manufacturers will have dozens of testimonials and have conducted their own case studies to show the statistic benefits of their signs.

Additionally, be sure to look at their before and after pictures. Look at their previous custom signs for veterinarians. This will give you an idea of what to expect on your sign.

Select The Type Of Sign

Determining which kind of custom signs is right for your veterinary clinic is the first step in designing your sign. You can choose indoor, outdoor, LED, plastic, or lighted. For added marketing savvy, you can pair a plastic lighted sign with an LED sign for consistent brand messaging.

Design Your Sign

You can either design the sign yourself or have one of our designers create your custom sign for you. Your sign should probably include your business name and logo. For best results, your sign should reflect the aesthetic of your store. If your business exclusively uses black and white, your sign should not feature every color on the rainbow. It sends conflicting messages about your brand identity leaving you attracting one type of customer but actually serving another. This severely impacts the growth of your business.

Your Sign Is Manufactured

Once the design is approved by you, we’ll send it to our manufacturing facility in Torrance, California. There, they will construct your sign to your specifications, bringing your vision to life. We only use high quality materials ensuring your sign will last.

Install Your Sign

As soon as we’re done with your sign, we’ll immediately ship it to you. When you receive your sign be sure to install it as soon as you can. The quicker your sign is displayed, the sooner you can watch your business grow and expand. When you install your sign, make sure it is strategically placed so nothing is disrupting sightlines.

Watch Your Veterinary Business Grow

Signs are the simplest but most rewarding marketing device. With little maintenance, signs cost essentially nothing after installed. Custom signs for veterinarians can help expand business and increase revenue. Just install your sign and watch business grow.


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