Use Many Tools To Create Custom Signs that Stand Out

Make Your Custom Signs Stand Out with Text and Graphics

Create Visually Appealing Custom Signs for Your Business

The text and graphics used on custom signs ultimately determines if they’ll increase your revenue. Many businesses use just text or just graphics. When a establishment uses just one of the two, they’re missing out on making a long-lasting impression. Using both text and graphics on your custom signs will make the biggest impact for your business. Both methods have their own set of benefits, and when they’re used together, they work together to deliver the best results.

The most popular types of signs are outdoor plastic-lighted and outdoor digital electronic, and you can use graphics and text on both of these options. The only difference is that plastic lighted signs are permanent design, whereas digital electronic signs can be updated frequently. Because of this, you need to make sure your plastic sign is well-designed to represent your business for many years. You can always purchase a panel replacement if you need to upgrade your sign, but when you invest in a sign, you should expect to be using it for at  least a few years.

Learn why we recommend using text and graphics together on signs.

Benefits of Text on Custom Signs

There are many advantages to using text on your signs. Some people have a strong left side of the brain—the side responsible for reading. Using text will appeal to people who prefer text. In addition, there are many other reasons to use text.

Text Identifies Your Business Name

Your custom signs are advertisements for your business. You want your potential customers to know what your business name is so they can talk about it, look it up online, and remember the name. If your signage doesn’t have your name on it, you aren’t effectively advertising your business.

Text Helps Clearly Advertise Your Products or  Services

Just using imagery can create a vague sign. For example, a restaurant may use a fork and knife as part of their imagery to showcase they’re an dining establishment. However, this doesn’t tell the potential customers what type of food they offer. Eliminate any vagueness by using a slogan or supporting text to identify what your products or services are to new customers. A restaurant with imagery and a slogan that reads “The best Mexican Food” will be much more successful at attracting the right patrons.

Text Allows You to Display Useful Business Information

You certainly don’t want to overcrowd your sign, but depending on its size and the location of your business, it can be useful to display certain business information. For example, most people aren’t going to stop into a vetinary for no reason. In that case, it might be helpful to have your phone number on the sign so passersby can jot it down and call later to get more information about joining their practice. Other places might find having a directional cue, such as “entrance on the side,” as an important aspect of their signage.

Benefits of Graphics on Custom Signs

Graphics appeal to the right side of the brain. They have a few distinct traits that make them crucial to include on your custom signs.

Graphics are Processed Faster

When people are driving by your establishment, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention and make a lasting impression. Graphics stand out more than text and are easier for most people to recall.

Graphics Associate Your Offerings with Your Business

One of the best uses of visuals is to have consumers associate your business name with your products or services. For example, if your business sells specialty coffee, a stunning graphic of a coffee next to your business name will make customers think of your business when they think of coffee. Next time they’re craving a hot cup, they’ll remember your shop.

Graphics Grab Attention

With so many signs, buildings, and other distractions along the roadside, custom signs displaying colorful graphics will be able to stand out among the rest. Our attention naturally goes to visual images, especially vibrant ones. Using visuals will get your signage seen by the most people.


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