Types of Business Signs like Lighted and LED for Automotive Shops

Navigating The Types of Business Signs

How To Pick the Right Types Of Business Signs For Your Business

In the world of signs, there are a variety of types of business signs. From plastic to LED to lighted, there is a sign for every business and every purpose. However, all these options can be a little overwhelming. The one thing to keep in mind is that using a sign for your business is a great way to increase business and expand your client base.

If you’re thinking of designing a custom sign but aren’t sure what types of business signs are right for your business, here are a few questions to ask yourself.

Did You Recently Rebrand?

If they answer is yes, you definitely need a new sign. You probably redesigned your logo and refined your color scheme. It is essential your signs reflects these changes. If you were trying to expand your client base and did not update your sign, new customers won’t be able to see the newest, best version of your business and won’t come in. They’ll only know you’ve changed if you show them!

Is Your Sign Falling Apart?

If the answer is yes, a new sign for your business best be at the top of your to do list. Your sign reflects your business. Even if the you have the best products and services, customers will never go inside your store to discover them. A sign that is breaking down or not working implies that your business is old and you’re not willing to put in the effort to fix it. Updating your sign is the easiest way to show potential customers you care.

Are Businesses Near You Updating Their Signs?

If the answer is yes, consider upgrading your sign. You don’t want your sign to be the oldest or more outdated in the lot because an essential part of success is staying ahead of your competitors. By letting them have the best, newest signs you’re giving them a step ahead in their advertising and marketing campaigns.

Are Businesses Near You Using Lighted Signs?

If the answer is yes, don’t be left in the dark. Using lighted signs lets your business be seen even at night. If you’re the only sign in your area that isn’t lighted, you’re giving your competitors an unnecessary advantage. Using a lighted sign is essential especially if your business is open after the sun sets. Signs are your hardest working employee, let them keep doing their job 24/7.

Are Business Near You Using LED signs?

If the answer is yes, you might want to upgrade your sign. LED signs are a powerful marketing tool. If the store next door has one, there’s a high likelihood you’re being glossed over. LED signs have moving text and graphics that can distract from your business sign, even if it’s brand new and beautiful. The good news is that LED signs can be paired with plastic lighted signs to create an unbeatable advertising campaign.

Using Varying Types of Business Signs Can Help Your Business Grow

Your business isn’t limited to just one sign. You can use an outdoor sign along with indoor signs to promote featured services and sales. You can pair your LED sign with a plastic lighted sign to create the ultimate marketing tool. The different types of business signs can all help your business and keep you one step ahead of your competitors.


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