Part of the Process of How Custom Signs are Made

Understanding The Process: How Custom Signs Are Made

The 8 Simple Steps To Getting A New Custom Sign For Your Business

No matter your industry, custom signs are a powerful marketing tool for your business. Thankfully, making a custom sign is a breeze. To help you help your business grow, here’s a quick overview of how custom signs are made.

1. Decide Your Business Sign Needs An Upgrade

Like any process, the first step towards improvement is recognizing your problem. Once you realize your sign might need a little help, replacing it is a simple, straightforward process. You might want to replace your sign if:

  • You’ve recently rebranded your business
  • You recently started your business
  • You haven’t replaced your sign in over ten years
  • Your customers struggle to find your business
  • Your current sign doesn’t work
  • Your current sign is unreadable and falling apart

2. Pick A Custom Sign Company To Work With

Choosing the right sign company is essential to getting the highest quality sign. To ensure you’re getting only the best look for an established business with great testimonials, thorough case studies, and plenty of visual examples of their work. While every company should be able to design with versatility, some companies will specialize in classic designs while others may excel in modern concepts. Make sure you like the company’s aesthetic if you are going to have an inhouse designer create your sign.

3. Choose The Type Of Sign

The first step in actually creating your one-of-a-kind sign is choosing the type of sign you’d like. Do you want an indoor sign or an outdoor sign? Do you want an LED sign, a plastic sign, or a combination LED plastic sign? Each type of sign has its own advantages and benefits. Pick the one that serves your marketing and advertising goals best.

4. Create A Design Your Sign or LED Display

Now is the fun part of how custom signs are made. It’s time to get creative and actually design your sign. You probably want to include your business name on your sign and maybe even your logo. For best results, continue your branding on your sign and use a similar color scheme and fonts. If you don’t like anything you came up with, one of our in house designers would be happy to collaborate and create the perfect design for your business.

5. Send The Design To The Manufacturing Facility

Once you’ve created a design you love and given us your approval, we’ll send the design to our manufacturing facility where we’ll construct your sign.

6. Your Sign Will Be Manufactured According To Your Specifications

Once your design has been received, we’ll start constructing it right away. Using only the highest quality materials, we will bring your vision to life. If you wanted lighted elements, we’ll add them on now too.

7. Receive Your Sign and Install It

After we’ve finished constructing your sign, we’ll ship it straight to your door. When you finally receive your sign, install it immediately! The sooner potential customers see your sign, the sooner your business will ebenfit. Make sure your sign is strategically placed for maximum visibility and no trees are obstructing sight lines.

8. Watch As Your Sign Helps Your Business Grow

A sign is the easiest and best marketing tool for your company. It costs per thousand views is miniscule, and once it’s installed, it advertises your business 24/7. The process is so simple, just install and watch your business grow!


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