LED Signs Are Eye Catching and Low Maintenance Options for Your Business

15 Reasons to Use LED Signs

LED Signs Can Help Any Business in Any Industry

From restaurants to retail stores, LED signs can help any business. Like any sign, LED signs increase customer traffic and revenue. However unlike other signs, LED signs have a number of other benefits that make them a great investment for any business.

1. LED Signs Have a Long life

The average LED sign lasts 10 years, much longer than a laminated poster or banner with heavy duty, weather resistant fabric.

2. They Are Eye Catching

LED signs attract attention, because of their bright lights, colors, and moving displays, and increase your customers.

3. They Look Better Than Alternative Signs

LED signs look much better than neon signs whose parts always need replacing. When neon signs need replacing or repairs they look dim and flicker, sending a poor message about the business they are advertising.

4. LED Signs Are Environmentally Friendly

Neon signs use toxic gases like Mercury and Argon to create their vibrant colors, which are harmful to the environment when they are recycled. LED signs use electricity and diodes to produce colored lights, which don’t harm the environment. LED signs are also a great alternative to paper or vinyl signs and help cut down on waste.

5 Digital Signs Are Low Maintenance

LED signs don’t require much maintenance once they are installed. The signs last around ten years and don’t need much attention between installation and replacement.

6. LED Signs Come in Many Sizes

LED signs come in a variety of sizes to fit your business needs. They can be small enough to fit indoors or large enough to be a billboard display. The variety in display sizes allows for versatility in application.

7. Digital Electronic Signs Attract Business With Moving Messages

Motion draws the eye and moving messages allow digital electronic signs to draw attention to your business. Many LED signs also have special effects that can be used with the text on your LED display.

8. They Have Color Options

Color is another tool that can draw attention to your business. LED signs come in a number of color options like tricolor or full color that can help bring new customers to your business.

9. They Provide Real Time Information

LED signs have ever-changing displays that can provide real time information. They can display current wait times, weather conditions, investment rates, or gas prices and reflect changes as they happen.

10. LED Signs Are Easy To Use

Most LED signs have easily customizable displays and are compatible with PC and Mac computers.

11. Digital Signs Have A Customizable Display

This is one of the most important benefits of LED signs. The customizable display allows you to constantly change its message. This means you can advertise umbrellas on a rainy day and water on a hot one. Other forms of advertising, like benches or billboards, are contracted for a certain amount of time and can’t change with conditions.

12. They Help Build Your Brand

LED signs can display your business’s tagline and help build your brand. They can also show your community involvement and how you give back to your community; this is increasingly important to consumers.

13. Digital Electronic Signs Increase Business Visibility

Your businesses LED sign draw attention from people passing by and increase visibility from the street. This is especially true if your business is surrounding by stores with unlit outdoor signs.

14. LED Signs Provide Targeted Advertising

With easily customizable messages, LED signs give you the opportunity to provide targeted marketing. Restaurants can promote early-bird specials in the morning and promote happy hour menus later that same day. Florists shops can promote bridal bouquets during wedding season and long stem roses on Valentine’s day.

15. They Advertise Smaller Services

With traditional advertising you only advertise the services that bring your business the most revenue. However, LED signs constantly change so you can advertise smaller services that might draw in niche customers. For example, a car wash would normally advertise their car cleaning packages but an LED sign would allow them to advertise their tire change service.

Looking For LED Signs?

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