It Can Be Difficult Deciding Between LED Signs and Plastic Signs

How Do I Decide Between LED Signs and Plastic Signs?

Deciding on LED Signs or Plastic-Lighted Signs

Regardless of the industry your business is in, if you have a physical location, your business can benefit from signage. Doing so will allow you to advertise to potential consumers in the area, build awareness of your business, and showcase your brand in the best way possible. Signs are the most cost-effective forms of advertising. When business owners decide to invest in a sign, they sometimes struggle to decide between LED signs and plastic-lighted signs.

Choosing plastic or LED signs goes beyond just the appearance of the signage. In order to create effective signage that will work best for you particular business, you need to think about a few things that will influence your decision. Follow this guide to grasp a better understanding of how each of these signs will work  for your business.

The Ins and Outs of LED Signs

Although LED signs are more costly than plastic-lighted signs, which can be a concern for some business owners, they are proven to deliver the best return on investment. More people remember seeing a digital sign and what the message on it was compared to a plastic lighted sign. The vibrant colors of the text or the use of video and photos on LED signs will without a doubt capture the eye of more people.

Another reason why they offer a great return on investment is that they have the ability to change as frequently as you’d like. Business owners can program messages to display throughout the day. You can advertise special promotions, events, or featured products or services.  This gives you an advertising solution that will last year after year, making it a worthwhile investment.

Using outdoor digital electronic signs will capture the attention of new customers, give you the ability to run numerous advertising campaigns, and encourage impulse stops at your business.

The Best Features of LED Signs are That They:

  • Can change messages, giving you new advertising for many years
  • Come in indoor and outdoor variations
  • Display video, graphics, and text
  • Are seen day and night
  • Have the best return on investment
  • Grab the most attention

The Ins and Outs of Plastic Signs

Plastic signs are build from a durable material that make them look great for many years. They are lighted, so they can also be see day or night. They are best suited for businesses who have a consistent logo, name, and company information because they cannot be changed. Outdoor plastic-lighted signs establish a brand’s image, so choosing the right design and text is crucial.

The Best Features of Plastic Signs Are That They:

  • Create a brand image
  • Come in indoor and outdoor versions
  • Combine text and graphics for a visually appealing look
  • Are built to last for years to come

Combination Plastic and LED Signs

Most businesses would benefit from using plastic and LED signs together. Your plastic sign will display your brand imagery and message, while the LED sign can support that by highlighting your specials, promotions, and events that encourage people to go into your business. The use of them together is extremely effective and well worth the cost.


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