A Close View Of The Lights The On LED Signs

A Guide to LED Signs

Learn About LED Signs and What They Can Do for Your Business

Good signage can attract new customers to your sales and services without ever having to get out of the car. Most local business are supported by customers who live nearby, and therefore drive past one storefront multiple times a day. After you replace your old, worn down sign or install one for the first time, the bright colors and imagery of a LED sign will attract new customers to your store and help you increase your revenue.

All types of LED business signs can be manufactured for either outdoor or indoor use and come in a variety of color options. All signs come at different price points, so there are affordable options for businesses of all sizes.

What is a LED Sign?

LED stands for light emitting diode. Essentially a LED is a small lightbulb that is built to last for long periods of time. The color does not come from the color of the casing itself. Instead, depending on the wavelength produced, the LED can produce a different color. However, often times the casing color matches the color of the diode. Red is the most common color LED, but blue and green are also often used. By using all three together, you can create both white light as well as any color in the rainbow.  

A LED sign is made up of hundreds of LEDs, with full color LED signs requiring thousands. There are multiple factors that can affect how many LED lights your sign requires including:

  • The size of the sign
  • How many colors are needed
  • The quality of resolution needed

The amount of LEDs needed in your sign will be determined by the size of the sign, the amount of colors, and the quality of the resolution.

Understanding the Different Kinds of LED Signs

There are many options when deciding what kind of LED sign is best for your business, which can make deciding which to get difficult. Most of the differences in LED signs stem from color and their color capabilities.

Tri-Color LED Signs

Tri-color LED signs use three LED colors to create eye grabbing signage. These are best used by business that don’t need images, but are still looking to highlight their message. However, tri-color LED signs can create graphics alongside messages. You can display a message, phone number, or current promotion and change it as you see beneficial.

These types of signs are the most commonly used because they are the most affordable and satisfy the needs of small businesses. As most small business don’t need large images or videos, displaying a simple message can attract people’s attention.


Full-color signs use densely organized diodes to create trillions of color options. They are best used to create high resolution images as well as videos. Full color LED signs are the most expensive because they require so many diodes.

Double Sided

Double sided signs produce messages on both sides of the screen and can be extremely effective in marketing dual promotions. These LED signs can be tri-color or full-color depending on what best serves your business.

Pair Your LED Sign With A Plastic Lighted Sign

To maximize visual impact, pair your LED sign with a plastic lighted sign. Plastic lighted signs never change so while your LED sign markets promotions, your lighted sign markets your brand.

Outdoor signs are what get people in the door, and indoor signs encourage people to purchase once they’re in the store. Upgrading your current sign or creating one for the first time is a surefire way to increase your current sales and revenues.


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