Shopping for LED Signs- Write Down Some Questions You Need to Ask

Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping for LED Signs

Ask Yourself These Questions When You’re Shopping for LED Signs

When your business decides to invest in LED signs, it may seem like a straightforward process. However, there a few things you should take into consideration in order make an educated purchase. There’re many different types of LED signs, including tri-color and full-color models. They also are created for indoor and outdoor use. Indoor signs and outdoor signs both make a positive impact on your business, but they’ll do so in different ways.

When you’re beginning the process of purchasing LED signs, ask yourself these questions to help you make an educated purchase. These are the most important questions to ask yourself.

1. What are your business objectives?

Business owners should always have goals for their establishment. Whenever you invest in advertising, whether it’s signage or another form, you should always understand how it can help or hurt your ability to achieve your business objectives.

If your goal is to get more customers to visit your location, outdoor LED signs will be the best option for you. The bright colors will grab the attention of passersby and deliver your message to them. Similarly, if your goal is to build brand awareness or develop a positive reputation in the community, and outdoor LED sign will do that for you as well.

On the other hand, if your goal is to get your customers to spend more money, indoor LED signs will do that better. Placing them throughout your store encourages people to make impulse purchases and spend more time browsing.

2. What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Your Location?

The location of your business will largely determine what type of LED signs you should invest in. For example, you need first consider if your potential customers will be driving by or walking by. If they’re driving, you’ll want an outdoor LED sign, however if they’re walking by, an LED sign in your storefront window will be a better option.

If you’ve established that your business needs an outdoor digital sign, you’ll want to also think about a few other things. Do other business on your street have big, flashy signs? Are there a lot of trees blocking your storefront? Do people drive by quickly like on a highway, or are they driving slowly? These factors will help you determine if tri-color LED signs, will be most effective or if full-color LED signs will be. Tri-color displays text and simple graphics, and is best if you aren’t competing with other businesses and passersby only have a few seconds to look. A full-color LED sign will display videos, allowing your advertisement to out-shine other businesses. It’s also ideal that the potential customer has slightly longer to view the images.

3. What are Your Advertising Capabilities?

If you’re deciding between  tri-color and full-color LED signs, you need to ask yourself what are your advertising capabilities. To be most effective, a full-color digital sign should have stunning photos or videos. With technology so accessible, it is easy to take high-quality videos and photos at a low cost, however you want to establish who will be managing that responsibility ahead of time. A digital sign with no image isn’t going to work. A tri-color LED sign is realistic for many businesses because it just allows you to display text and simple graphics. Both will deliver the results you’re looking for.


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