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How to Decide Between Indoor and Outdoor LED Signs

The Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor LED Signs

LED signs deliver visually-appealing and creative ways to promote your company’s products and services to your customers. Using LED signs as part of your marketing strategy is extremely effective and advantageous. You have the ability to constantly update your text, graphics, and videos, keeping your advertising up-to-date with your new products, services, and branding. Whether you’d like to showcase your LED signs indoors our outdoors, these digital signs will provide you with the widest range of possibilities for producing successful promotions.

When your business is deciding between using LED signs indoors and outdoors, consider what your main goal is and how the sign can support it.

Main Goals of Outdoor LED Signs

Displaying and LED sign outdoors will offer the main benefit of attracting new customers. A digital sign is an impactful form of advertising that will grab the attention of your target audience as they drive by. This helps your business in two distinct ways.

Entice Customers to Visit Your Business

LED signs are exciting and visually pleasing. Their ability to change constantly allows you to vary your advertising day-to-day depending to better publicize your products and services. Because of this, displaying these signs outdoors will have a substantial effect on directing customers to go into your business that day. With LED signs, you’re able to provide logical reason for people to stop in that day, whether it’s for a sale or because the sign caught their eye and made your products and services sound desirable.

Develop Brand Awareness

Your company’s LED sign will stand out. When someone is driving by dozens of signs, there eye will be drawn to the aesthetically pleasing text, graphics, or video on display on your sign as opposed to a plastic sign. When you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of potential consumers, an LED sign can make a memorable impact. They’ll be able to remember your business name and its offerings much better with an attractive sign.

Main Goals of Indoor LED Signs

Indoor signs serve a different purpose than outdoor signs do. There are two main goals of LED signs.

Inviting Customers Into Your Business

Indoor LED signs can be placed in the window of a business to attract people to come in. Unlike with outdoor signs when the consumer is likely viewing it as they drive by, signs displayed in the store window target customers on foot. Whether your business is located in a shopping center or in a popular neighborhood of a city, you want to invite passerbyers to come in, so you can make a connection with them that ultimately leads to a sales conversion.

Driving Sales

Another benefit of using signs indoors is to increase sales. You already have patrons in your business, so the focus of indoor LED signs is used to encourage them to make a purchase. Signs can display sales, discounts, or special promotions to foster impulse buys. They can also showcase photo and video advertising that would further motivate your clients buy your products or services.

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