Weighing The Price And Value Of LED Signs

Comparing Indoor and Outdoor LED Signs

How to Determine if Indoor or Outdoor LED Signs are Best for Your Business

When you’re thinking about investing in a form of advertising, LED signs will give you the best return on investment. Not only will they attract new customers and foster impulse buys, but you also have the capability to change the messaging as often as you’d like. This makes an LED sign a worthwhile investment for your business because you can use it for years to come and target your marketing strategies to increase sales.

Every business owner—no matter what industry you’re in—can benefit from an aesthetically-pleasing LED sign. However, you do need to consider if indoor signs or outdoor signs will be more appropriate for your business. Learn about the benefits of each to determine which LED signs will be most successful for your establishment.

Why You’d Want to Use Outdoor LED Signs

Digital signs are bright and eye-catching. Whether your potential customers are driving by your establishment in the afternoon or late at night, your sign won’t be missed. The captivating colors and custom messages allow your sign to stand out among other business signs on the street.

These outdoor signs can come as a monochrome messaging center, which features simple text in one color, or full-color video. The options are endless for the types of advertisements you can run on these signs throughout the years. The more attention-grabbing your sign is, the more impressive results you can expect to see.

Many business owners use their changeable LED signs to promote special discounts, feature products, and upcoming events. You can also display a few of your products or services to reiterate to your potential customers what your business is about. Outdoor digital signage has been proven to increase sales because it gets noticed by people passing by and it represents the quality of your brand.

Why You’d Want to Use Indoor LED Signs

For businesses located in a small town or on a street with a lot of foot traffic, an LED sign displayed in the storefront window can entice walkers and bikers to stop in. There eye will be naturally drawn to the flashing text and images and a specific call to action, such as “Shop our 20% off sale,” will make them want to go into your store to take a peek at your offerings. In this situation, you can use indoor signs just like you would an outdoor sign and highlight  sales, events, and products or services.

Another effective use of indoor digital signs is to display them near products you’d like to promote. You might have a new product or sale products that you want to encourage shoppers to purchase. A LED sign will draw them to that spot within the store and encourage them to make an unplanned purchase. You can do the same thing if you’re in the service industry. Display a sign near the checkout that promotes your superior services or upsells customers. For example, a auto shop might have a sign that says, “Add an oil change to any service for $20 more—30% off the regular price.” This makes the consumer want to purchase that service even if they weren’t planning on it or hadn’t thought about it prior to seeing the sign.


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