6-4 Woman Questioning Decision Between Plastic and LED Signs

Are Plastic or LED Signs Best for Your Business?

How to Know if Plastic or LED Signs are Best for Your Business

All brick and mortar businesses need to display signage to promote their business to local customers, build brand awareness, and showcase their business in the best light. Indoor signs and outdoor signs are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. Every business owner needs to take advantage of a sign’s ability to increase sales.

To create the most successful form of advertising, business owners need to consider if plastic signs or LED signs are best for their establishment. There a few things you need to think about before making that decision. Learn about the benefits and uses of each of these two types of signs to help decide which is going to be most impactful for your business.

Advantages and Uses of Plastic Signs

Plastic signs are constructed from a virtually indestructible polycarbonate material. They are built to last, even through the roughest weather. Your plastic sign will capture the eye of potential customers with fluorescent lighting that will make your sign stand out on a busy street or in the middle of the night. The lighting is also energy-efficient, making them inexpensive to run. If you choose a plastic sign, you will select a graphic and text to display on the panel. This is ideal to display your logo or other branding materials that your business will be using for the next few years.

The highlights of plastic signs are that they:

  • Foster brand consistency
  • Can be displayed indoors or outdoors
  • Can easily be updated with different sign panels
  • Make use of text and visual components
  • Are built to last year after year

Advantages and Uses of LED Signs

LED signs differ from plastic signs largely because they have the ability to be changed and updated as frequently as you’d like. With user-friendly technology, you can program messages on a computer to display messages on your LED signs. You can choose a LED sign that’s as simple as monochrome text or as attention grabbing as full-color video. Each of the different types of LED signs is fully customizable and can be used to promote specials or sales, communicate messages, and foster impulse purchases.

The highlights of LED signs include that they:

  • Can be changed as little or as often as you’d like
  • Have indoor and outdoor models
  • Display text, graphics, videos, or animations
  • Are the most eye-catching signs
  • Are effective in the day or at night
  • Offer the best return on investment

Combination Plastic and LED Signs

Many business can benefit from using both plastic and LED signs. The plastic sign allows you to display a constant message that will build brand recognition whereas the LED signs will invite customers into the store by showcasing specials and advertisements. The use of both of these signs is extremely effective for increasing business.

Get Custom Plastic or LED Signs for Your Business

Signtronix can design and build a custom plastic or LED sign for your business, regardless of what industry you’re in. Our sign professionals will create the most aesthetically pleasing sign that will draw new customers into your business.


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