5-18 LED Signs Up Close

Navigating the Various Types of LED Signs

Learn About the Variety of LED Signs

LED Signs are undoubtedly the most visual-appealing form of signage. With the ability to change the display text and graphics as frequently as you’d like, potential customers will always have new and exciting messages to view. You can showcase graphics, text, and even video on LED signs, making them a versatile and effective advertising tool. Before you invest in a sign for your business, gain a better understanding of the different types of LED signs that are available for you.

Indoor LED Signs

Indoor LED signs are unique because they are designed to target customers already in your establishment. Because of this, using this signage indoors fosters impulse purchases. As a business owner, you can use your indoor sign to promote discounts, featured products, or best-selling services. This will help you cross-sell or up-sell. Your indoor signs can also be displayed in a window to attract people walking-by. You can use your window display to encourage potential consumers to come in and make unplanned purchases with your enticing signage.

Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor signs are often much larger than indoor signs. They are built to attract new customers who are driving by the business. They also help to foster brand awareness. Even if someone doesn’t choose to stop in your business that day, a eye-catching sign will help them remember your company when they need your products or services.

Monochrome LED Signs

Although this is the simplest form of LED signs, monochrome LED signs offer an appealing element to a company’s advertising. These signs use a single color of lighting, which is typically a yellow color, and range in size from extra small to billboard size to meet all of your needs. Text and basic graphics can be displayed on this type of LED sign.

Tri-Colored LED Signs

Like monochrome LED signs, tri-colored signs allow you to display text and basic graphics, however you have the added option of using red, green, and yellow lighting to enhance the visual draw. You can change your message as little or as often as you’d like to meet your business goals.

Full-Color LED Signs

For an attention-grabbing option, purchase a full-color LED sign, which allows you display high-definition graphics, animations, text, and even video! These signs can appeal to large audiences whether they’re used indoors or outdoors. Customers will be impressed by your innovative marketing.

Double-Sided LED Signs

For the most expansive reach, use a double-sided LED sign to reach all the consumers driving by in either direction. You can choose to display the same message on both sides, or you can run two different advertising campaigns to wow passerbyers.

Combine LED Signs With Plastic Signs for A Powerful Visual Effect!

For making the biggest impact, combine a plastic sign and a LED sign. You can display your logo and slogan on the lighted plastic sign and use a LED sign to display daily promotions. Use Signtronix for all of your signage needs and you’ll be able to choose from an array of sizes and types of signs. Learn more about our signs and various combinations below.


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