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How LED Signs Improve Businesses in All Industries

The Ways Businesses in Different Industries Benefit From LED Signs

There’s not a single business that won’t benefit from an effective sign.  No matter the type of industry you’re in, outdoor signs showing customers where you’re located and representing your brand in the best light will invite in more customers. Indoor signs can increase the amount of time consumers spend in your store and encourage impulse purchases. Every business can make use of a well-designed sign, custom to their brand and business goals.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and bars use LED signs to attract customers into their establishment, especially at night. The lights allow their establishment to be seen when people are driving by in the dark and makes it easy for customers to find their location. An attractive LED sign that displays deals or promotions will also cause people to stop, even if they weren’t planning on it. Depending on the atmosphere, restaurants and bars also frequently use signs indoors to showcase their specials and entice people to order more food and drinks.

Retail Stores

Retail stores make use of LED signs both indoors and outdoors. Once the customer sees the outdoor sign and decides to stop into your store, indoor LED signs bring the shopper to different points of purchase, which increases the likelihood they will make an unplanned purchase. Signage drawing people into different areas of the store also invites them to browse for a longer period of time, again bettering the chances of that they’ll spend more money.

Auto Shops

Auto shops need to capture the attention of drivers, who have a current or future need maintenance and repairs. To capture all of their potential customers, LED signs allow auto shops to display their signs outdoor and be seen at night, which is when a large amount of customers are driving by. An well-designed sign will also improve the reputation of the shop and assure potential customers that you offer the best products and services.

Beauty Salons

Many people visit a beauty salon for a particular service. However, once they’re in your salon and enjoying the experience, you want to upsell or cross sell them. You can use an LED to display higher quality services you offer, which can convince customers to choose that service over the standard option. LED signs can also attract customers to a product display within your salon, enticing them to spend more at your business.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores need to take advantage of indoor and outdoor LED signs. Consumers often need things from grocery stores on a weekly basis, so using an LED sign to promote your specials and sales can make people decide to stop even when they weren’t planning on it that day. Once they’re shopping, you want to increase the amount they spend on groceries by showcasing featured products on LED signs that will foster impulse buys.

There are endless ways for business to use signs to their advantage. No matter what you’re business is, the right sign will increase your business. Learn more about Signtronix signs and get a free consultation today!


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