Dos and Don'ts for Designing Signs for Your Business

10 Do’s and Don’ts For Designing Your Sign

Use These Tips To Create The Best Sign For Your Business

Business signs can be a great way to promote and expand your business, but only if they’re designed well. When you’re designing a sign here are a few tips to keep in mind:

DO Hire a Sign Designer

A sign for your business is going to last a very long time; plastic lighted signs and LED signs can last up to ten years. Since they are a long term investment, you’ll want to make sure it is professional quality. Hiring a sign designer is the easiest way to make sure your sign is aesthetically pleasing. They’ll know the best way to layout your sign as well as great color combinations to help it stand out. Hiring a sign designer isn’t necessary to make a great sign, but it definitely makes it easier.

DON’T Buy a Generic Sign

Signs that plainly read “hotel” or “restaurant” don’t help your business as much as a customized sign would. While custom signs are more costly than generic signs, the difference in business makes up for the difference in price. Our customized signs have helped customers increase their business up to 200% in the first month alone. Generic signs don’t generate that much growth because people see a generic sign and don’t have an incentive to stop at that business.

DO Sell Your Brand

Your sign should use what is unique about your business to advertise it. For example, not all clothing stores are the same. Some are vintage and some are modern. These differences are what draw people into your store, help them become regular customers, and should influence the design of your sign.

DON’T Blend In

Your sign should be unique and personal to your business, otherwise it can blend in among the other business signs surrounding it. If all the other signs are unlit, light your sign to help it stand out at night. If all of the other business signs use blue and green, include red on your sign to make sure potential customers see your sign first.

DO Buy a High Quality Sign

Your sign should last a long time, so make sure to use high quality materials to ensure your sign functions as it should for as long as it should. Most plastic lighted signs and LED signs last about ten years before they need to be replaced.

DON’T Cut Corners

Signs can be costly, but don’t compromise quality for price. If you use a discount service or lower quality materials, chances are your sign won’t last as long as it should. The colors will likely fade and the sign itself might chip. If it’s lighted, you could run into electrical problems and constant flickering.

Additionally, outdoor signs are the first thing people see of your business. If it looks cheap or broken, people will assume you put the same little effort into your business. Signs can be a great investment for your company, so it’s important to invest in your sign.

DO Include Your Business Name and Logo

When creating your sign it is important to include both the business name in addition to the logo. Business like Nike and McDonald’s can get away with solely using their logo, but that’s because they are globally recognized. No matter how well-known your services are locally, if you are going to include your logo on your sign it is important to also include your business’s name.

DON’T Include Too Much Information

Don’t visually overload the viewer. While the business name is necessary, you do not need to include your business’s address, phone number, email, and website on your sign. All this information isn’t necessary and crowds the sign. People can get this information once they visit the store or with a quick google search.

DO Make Sure Your Sign is Visible

When installing your sign make sure it can be seen from the sidewalk and the street. Make sure it isn’t blocked by trees, telephone poles, or other business signs.

DON’T Install Your Sign Too High

It is important to install your sign so that drivers can see it as they pass by. A driver’s eye tends to stay at windshield level so a good rule of thumb to install it lower if it’s roadside and higher if it’s on the freeway. If you install your sign too high the driver will notice it before they are able to read the wording, but if you install it too low the driver will notice it too late and not have time to read it.

Looking For a Sign?

With over 50 years of experience, our sign experts can help you craft the perfect sign for your business. Our signs are made of the highest quality materials and are expertly crafted to help your business thrive. They have been known to increase customers, profits, and revenue as soon as the first month in a number of case studies and client testimonials.


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