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Questions to Consider When Shopping for Signs

Ask Yourself These Questions When Looking for Signs for Your Business

Shopping for signs may seem like a simple process at first. However, it is deceitfully more complex than most people realize. That is because there are many different types of signs and each one will help your business achieve a specific goal. For example, indoor signs are great for increasing the amount of money people spend at your establishment, while outdoor signs focus on attracting new customers. Although the right indoor or outdoor signage will make a positive impact on your business, they will work in different ways. In addition to the types of signs, there are other factors to consider.

When you’re starting the process of purchasing a sign, ask yourself these questions to help you make an educated purchase that will increase your business. These are the three most important questions to consider.

1. What are my business goals?

As a business owner, you should always have your goals in mind and understand how any changes could hurt or enhance your ability to achieve those goals. If you’re going to invest in a form of advertising, you should know what your goal is and how that particular method could help you attain it.

If your goal is to attract more customers, build brand awareness, or establish a positive reputation in the community, an outdoor sign is likely best for you. On the other hand, if you get a substantial amount of customers each day but would like them to encourage them to spend more, indoor signs will best help that goal.

2. What are the pros and cons of my location?

If you’ve realized an outdoor sign will best help your business, you want to next examine your location. Are there lots of other big flashy signs around your business? Do trees block the storefront? Are people mostly driving by, walking by, or a combination of both? Taking an in-depth look at your business location will help you understand what type of sign will be most effective. This will also help you realize how big your sign needs to be to make an impact.

If there are many business on the street with lots of signs, you will want your sign to stand out amongst the rest. If people both drive and walk past your business, you may chose to have a sign that is mounted on the front of your business, but also angled outward so it is legible from the sidewalk and street.

3. Do I want to be able to promote special deals, products, or services?

Whether you need indoor or outdoor signs, you want to also consider what you’d like to advertise on your sign. If you have a business that offers just one simple service or product, you may just want a plastic lighted sign with your business name and a graphic to represent it. However, if you’d like to attract customers to stop in that day or spend more in your establishment, you will likely want to also purchase a digital sign. You can promote discounts, events, or featured products. A digital sign gives you the freedom to update it as often as you’d like, so you have a long-lasting and effective form of advertising.


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