6-5 Increasing Graph of Sales Boosted by Business Signs

How to Use Indoor and Outdoor Signs to Boost Sales

Using Signs to Increase Your Business

Indoor signs and outdoor signs can drastically increase your day-to-day revenue. However, each promotes an increase in business in different ways. Depending on your business goals, your current business conflicts, and your location, one will likely be better for your establishment than another. Knowing how each of these signs works to boost your sales will help you understand which type will make the biggest impact on your daily operations. Gain a deeper understanding of how indoor and outdoor signs can influence your business so that you can make an educated purchase.

Outdoor Signs

The main purpose of an outdoor sign is to capture the attention of potential consumers. An outdoor sign will show new customers where your business is located, making it easy for them to stop as they’re driving by. More often than not, business owners will purchase an outdoor sign to increase the amount of customers entering their establishment each day. This type of signage announces your presence in the area and also improves the image of your business. Often times people avoid entering a business because of a lack of or poor signage.

Outdoor signs are ideal for businesses that:

  • Need more customers to visit the location
  • Lack signage
  • Have worn or dated signage
  • Are on a street with many other businesses
  • Might be difficult to find
  • Want to reach customers driving at night
  • Build a better image of their products and services

If any of these goals apply to your business, consider an outdoor sign. You can also choose between a plastic lighted sign or an LED sign. Plastic signs will establish brand awareness at the location and last for years to come. LED signs have the ability to be changed on a regular basis, so you can advertise specific messages to people driving by that will encourage them to stop in that day.

Indoor Signs

There are two main uses for an indoor sign. The first is if you’re located on a street or in an area that has heavy foot traffic. You can take advantage of an indoor sign by displaying it in your window to grab the attention of potential customers that are walking by. The second use is within the store. You can use LED signs to promote specific products or services. Doing so significantly increases impulse purchases. Many business owners who use indoor signs do so because they have people visiting their store on a regular basis, but want to increase the amount of money each patron spends during their visit.

Indoor signs are ideal for businesses that:

  • Want to increase impulse purchases
  • Run frequent specials or discounts that can be highlighted
  • Offer superior services that they’d like to upsell to customers
  • Are located in an area that gets a lot of foot traffic
  • Have daily customers
  • Want to increase the amount of money spent on each purchase

Custom Signs for Any Business

Once you’ve decided which type of signs will work best with your business goals, contact us to receive a free consultation and sign design and get more information about the effectiveness of signage.


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