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Why do I need a sign for my business? Jul 03
Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration sees tremendous value in having a sign for your business.

We’ve been asked that question thousands of times – tens of thousands of times – but yet we understand that many simply haven’t seen the impact signs make like we have.  But instead of a sign manufacturer answering this time, I’m going to let the Small Business Administration answer this question.  These are their answers to the question, “Why do I need a sign for my business?” found directly on their website:


Signs, Shoes and Profits! Jun 26

Do signs make a difference in bringing in customers and increasing sales and profits?  Just ask David Porter of The Tanned Calf.  He purchased a sign and the day it went up he saw an immediate reaction and increase in customer traffic.  His sales increased and he now had a market for his Birkenstock products all year round instead of only 3 or 4 months out of the year. more…

Helping Small Business With Cash Flow Jun 19

As a small business owner one of the great challenges you probably face on a daily basis is your cash flow.  You’ve head the old adage “cash is king”.  That couldn’t be truer when you’re running a business.  Not enough cash and you’ll find your business in trouble or closed very soon.

You Need a Cash Flow Statement

If you’re not getting a monthly cash flow statement from your accountant you should look into it.  The purpose of the cash flow statement is to keep track of how much cash your business has on an ongoing basis. It also provides you with a picture of where your money is coming from, as well as how your money is being spent. more…

Signtronix Sign of the Day Images Jun 12

Have you seen our Signtronix “Sign of the Day” signs on our Facebook page yet?  This is a great way to see some of our work on a regular basis and maSalgado'sy give you some ideas for a great sign design for your business as well.

Too many signs across America have nothing but words, words, words on them – which completely hurts the businesses that want to be SEEN by the potential customers passing by their shops.

Studies have shown time and time again that we think and remember IN PICTURES.  Business signs with beautiful images on them will be seen many times more than their counterparts with just words on them.  They will also be remembered for later recall when a customer needs a specific product or service. more…

Fantastic Sales Positions Available Jun 09

If you’re looking for a great opportunity to make what YOU think you’re worth - and not what anyone thinks you’re worth – then you must check out our positions in our regional offices across the country.  Our sales positions allow you to make as much as you want in commissions as long as you are willing to go to work and work hard and achieving your personal goals.

Just a few of the areas we’re hiring in include: more…

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A Broken Record. But it’s Worth Playing Again. Jun 05

What’s The Best Type of Small Business Advertising?

Forgive me for repeating myself and for sounding a little “preachy”.  But I am very passionate about what we create, but more importantly, for what our creations DO for our customers – the small businesses of America.  I can’t stress enough how important the entrepreneur is in our society – and what they’ve done to grow our country.  If it wasn’t for the entrepreneurs and their indomitable spirits – we wouldn’t be who we are as a country – as a great nation.  Let’s not forget that. more…

Ways to Promote Your Church Event Jun 01

Here is some fantastic advice from For those of you who have had to run or promote church events you know that it’s not easy to make sure everyone is informed – both your congregation and your local community.

Please read the following article about promoting your church events – perfect timing for all the summer activities coming up!

How to Effectively Promote Your Church Events
We don’t know about you, but we are awfully excited that summer is finally right around the corner! With summer comes BBQs, block parties, and many other events. It’s also a great time for churches to hold events to strengthen the community and grow the congregation. But, it’s no secret that churches don’t exactly have extensive budgets. With so many worthy places to put that money, promoting an upcoming church event often becomes an afterthought. To get the most out of your church’s event, we’ve detailed several low-cost (and even no cost!) ways to effectively promote any happenings before, during, and after. more…

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LED Message Sign ROI May 19

Your LED Message Sign Can Pay for Itself in as Little as Three Months

In a recent study done by the University of Cincinnati Economic Center they found overwhelming evidence that an LED message sign can not only pay for itself quickly (3 to 15 months) but also bring many more customers and therefore revenues to the business with the sign installation.

Here’s the detailed article published by the

Electronic message centers (EMCs) can positively influence sales and transactions, according to new research from the University of Cincinnati Economic Center. The study is the first to show the economic value related to EMCs, a rapidly growing form of signage. more…

Growing Your Customer Base as a Small Business Owner May 15

For over 50 years we have understood one of the key concerns small business owners have – how to bring more customers into your business.  As we all know – no customers – no business.  That’s why we developed our signage products – to help small businesses nationwide capture the attention of new customers.

While we think signage is one of the most important tools for attracting customers to small businesses – there are of course a number of other methods that small businesses use to grow their customer base.  As small business owners we can all help each other by sharing our marketing and PR successes. more…

Own an LED Message Sign? Apr 24

If You Own an LED Message Sign – You NEED This Service

If you own an LED message sign you already know how incredibly powerful it is to announce your specials, new products, news to your community all day, every day.  It’s as if you were standing in front of your business yourself, shouting out your important messages to everyone who passes by. more…