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What Unemployment? We’re Hiring Like Crazy! Apr 18


There are still reports about the bad unemployment numbers across the country. However there are many opportunities still out there for people who want to get up and go to work and work hard to make a better life for them and their families. Our Outside Sales Representative position is one of those rare opportunities that allows YOU to determine what you’re going to make this year. more…

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Turn $1,000 into $10,000 Every Year? Apr 11

Would you give me $1,000 if you got back $10,000 each year?

I understand and believe in the value of signage for small businesses wholeheartedly.  But I have the advantage of speaking with and getting letters from many customers that have expressed their gratitude for the increases in revenues and profits because of the sign we crafted for them.

But there are times when I speak to someone who simply doesn’t believe a new sign can do anything for their business.  When this happens I like to ask this question:  “Would you give me $1,000 now if you got back $10,000 each year for the next ten years?”  I would hope every person would shout out, “YES!” to a question like that.


We’re Hiring in Jacksonville, FL Mar 24

If you or a friend or family member is looking for a great sales career and you or they are located around the Jacksonville, Florida area then you need to check out our B2B Outside Sales Representative position right now!

This opportunity is for those who have just a little or many years of sales experience.  Our classroom and field training programs, along with the support from both your regional manager and home office staff, will get you up and running in this position quickly. more…

What Makes a Sign Effective? Mar 13

I hear that question many times when talking to small business owners or people who are just genuinely curious about signs.  04152013-HEIDIS-COFFEE-CABIN

“What makes a sign effective?”

Or another way many will put it:

“A sign is just a sign.  There’s no difference.”

Wrong and wrong.

For decades Signtronix has done research and partnered with organizations that studies the impact of signage on small businesses and our economy.  The truth is – a sign is NOT just a sign.  An effective sign absolutely is difference and must be designed just right.  It goes as deep as how our brains work when we see and remember things. more…

How Would You Like a 20% Increase in Your Business? Mar 03

Small Business Signage – Do I Need a Sign for my Business?

If someone could wave a magic wand and make it so your business would see a 20% increase in revenue and/or customer traffic, would you do it?  What is it

worth to have that 20% increase for your business for years to come?  I’d image it is pretty substantial.

That’s the increase our customer, Joely DelVecchio, has seen with their new Signtronix sign.  Click on the image in the post to view their actual letter, or read the letter below: more…

The Benefits of Signage [Infographic] Feb 27

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 7.48.04 AM

Business signage is one of the least expensive, most effective forms of advertising there is. Period. Most small businesses have more potential customers driving past their location every hour than they could ever service in an entire month. So why do small businesses struggle financially so often? Its NOT a lack of customers; It IS a lack of visibility.

The Benefits of Signage Infographic compares the visibility and effectiveness of the most popular forms of advertising for small businesses. Where are you spending your money?

Signtronix has helped hundreds-of-thousands of small business generate new customers with our eye-catching, high visibility line of indoor and outdoor signage. Explore the entire line of Signtronix Signs. more…

When it comes to LED signs – there IS a difference! Feb 26

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen it comes to LED message signs – don’t settle for cheap alternatives that claim they are just as bright or easy to use as a Signtronix LED sign.

Look at the photo here and tell me which sign you’d like in your window.

The bottom sign is the Signtronix LED sign.

The top sign is a national competitor’s sign.

We understand the importance of your sign being seen both day and night, in all conditions.  Our sign will even show through tinted glass.  Many others will not.  What about with sunlight shining directly on the sign?  Yes – a Signtronix sign will still be seen well, while many other brands will not.

Definitely check out our many LED signs available to help out your business.

The Power of the LED Message Sign Feb 25

The LED Message sign is a sign comprised of thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of LED lights (depending on the size and configuration of our sign) that are controlled by a software interface that allows you to program your messages literally at will.  Do you want to promote a sale?  Put it on the sign!  Do you want to warmly greet old and new customers?  Put it on the sign!  Do you want to tell people about new products and services you have?  Put it on the sign!

The possible messages and uses for this marketing genius are virtually endless.  It is only limited by your imagination.

Signtronix full color LED message sign


The Word is Out. Signtronix Dynalite news! Feb 24

We’re glad to see news about the Dynalite has been spreading across the country!  Here are just a few places that have picked up on the news about our all new Dynalite signs!

The Lexington Herald-Leader:

The Los Angeles Daily News:


New Signtronix Product Launch! The All New Dynalite. Feb 18

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new custom sign product – the Dynalite.  Saying this sign is “new” isn’t really true though.


The all new Signtronix Dynalite has been reimagined for today’s small business.

The Dynalite was first introduced by Signtronix in the 1960s.  We sold tens of thousands of Dynalite signs across the country in the 30 years we offered it to our customers.  Last year we thought about the Dynalite again – and just how powerful it was with the modular aspect of combining custom graphic signs with text signs to create an overall, powerful storefront marketing tool that would capture the eyes of 95% of the traffic that goes by a store.