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Christ Cathedral has a beautiful full color LED display sign Feb 08

Just recently, Christ Cathedral, a Catholic cathedral and formerly the Crystal Cathedral, installed a large and beautiful full color LED message display to communicate with their community and the thousands of people that pass by the cathedral every day.

The sign stands over 15 feet high and over 20 feet across.  The sign displays full color images, video and animations that are perfect for communicating eye-catching and compelling messages to promote the Cathedral’s events, activities and ministries.

If you’re in the Garden Grove area of Orange County, California, definitely stop by the Christ Cathedral and see this incredible sign in action!



Signtronix Customer Review – Stroud’s Flooring Feb 04

We greatly appreciate it when our customers let us know about their experience with our company and products.  This great letter just came from Chris and Laurie from Stroud’s Flooring out of Tyler, Texas.  Thank you, Chris and Laurie, for your kind words!

Strouds Flooring more…

New Sign to Show Off – As Time Goes By Antiques Feb 01

As Time Goes By Antiques - 2-2016

We’ve been getting more requests from people asking to see more of our signs and the beautiful designs from our art team.  We are certainly glad to oblige!  We see many wonderful signs go through our factory each day – so it’s tough to choose between them all!  Today we would like to show you a great sign for our customer, “As Time Goes By Antiques”.

Why all the fuss about sign design? Jan 20

Officials Den_approved     Over_the_counter_approved     Venom_PC_final

Sign design is not only an art, it’s a science as well.  If you don’t know how to manage the right elements on a sign – it could mean the difference between someone finding it readable and compelling and take action (aka stop and enter your business) or driving right by.

Here are five important points about designing a successful sign so it does its important job for you – bring people into your business.


Sparta Quik Stop – Tri Color LED Sign in Action Jan 13

Thank you to one of our newest customers, Sparta Quik Stop out of Kentucky, for sharing their new sign video with us.  This new Signtronix tri-color LED sign is incredibly visible and has already created new business not only for Sparta Quik Stop – but also for other businesses in town!


Happy New Year to You! Dec 29

The Signtronix family would like to wish you a very Happy New Year!  We hope that your 2016 is a successful and prosperous year!  Please don’t hesitate to contact us to help with your storefront marketing and signage needs!

Happy Holidays to You – from Signtronix Dec 21

The Signtronix family would like to wish you a very Happy Holidays!  We hope your 2015 was full of joy and success.  We hope your 2016 is full of good surprises and prosperity!

As we look back on this year we can’t help but feel grateful for the tremendous customers we have and the incredible team that makes our company as wonderful as it is.

Here’s just a quick little holiday message for you.

How Would You Like a 45% Increase in New Customers? Dec 14

A 45% increase in new customers seems far fetched to many business owners, but that’s exactly what happened to Tom Damien at his Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change in Pennsylvania.  Adding a full color LED display to the sign in front of his business made all the difference.

Too good to be true?  Listen to Tom as he explains why the Signtronix sign made such an incredible impact on his business revenue.


Tis the Season to Get Your Message Out Dec 03

There’s three weeks until Christmas still.  Plenty of time for those holiday shoppers and planners.  ISLEDWINDOW

It’s now, more than ever, that you need to get your business noticed by all the passing holiday shoppers.  With all the other businesses constantly announcing holiday sales, special promotions, and “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday (extended again!)” sales – you need to be able to cut through the clutter and be heard.

Here are some suggestions on how to do so and get more customers in your door.


100% Increase in New Customers – from a sign? Nov 19

Over the years we’ve been asking our customers to keep track of new customers they obtain as a direct result of the new Signtronix sign.  When we say we bring in new customers with our signs – we aren’t kidding.  Watch this customer testimonial from Wholesale Mulch to see what we’ve been talking about for years.